Wannabe Indiana Jones. Other than studying to become a heart throbbing secret agent archaeologist action star, she is also slowly learning how to live life with Christ.

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Taking only 2 classes this semester should have been easy. But the hectic schedule literally ruined me. Seeing those A’s made me teary eyed because I made it alive. I just feel blessed right now.
"A long time ago I learned not to explain things to people. It misleads them into thinking they’re entitled to know everything I do."

 Lisa Kleypas, Dreaming of You (via lydianea)

Making my heart attack prevention dinner

Almost had a heart attack last night. I’m 20 year old with 60 year old body. :( no more delicious salty fried chips. But I’m blessed that I didn’t get a stroke or anything worse. Ima beat this hypertension family curse like a BOSS.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes! Finally enrolled into the correct classes with a suitable schedule. I AM leaving you SMC with no regrets ! I know I keep saying that but this time it’s forreal. I SWEAR IT

I’m performing involuntary farts in the library because I actually digested yummy food. Seems like my stomach/behind is loudly thanking me. You welcome body but too bad this will be the last time I’ll feed myself fart inducing meals.

$2 a ride

Pulling an all nighter !!!!!!! Yay procrastination and my distorted sleeping pattern.

You know what I need to throw away? My fear of rejection. I should stop making plans and just do something like, actually do something that’s sorta significant in my life. I’ve been stuck in the hallway for years and I can never get through the next room because of my own excuses for my insecurities. Now I feel this sense of urgency because I’m aging like everybody else. I need to finally go through this passage to actually have responsibilities.

By now I think I should take criticisms and negativity seriously as my primary sources to strive. Soon I will show you guys that I can do it.

My school’s library is making me feel claustrophobic. It’s dark and lonely.
I think I just can’t take this place anymore.