Wannabe Indiana Jones. Other than studying to become a heart throbbing secret agent archaeologist action star, she is also slowly learning how to live life with Christ.

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This library is inspiring
Pastry cliche

i cannot sleep. ive got a bed bug bites everywhere! why did i have to inherit them from a hotel! 

Im so bored
Mueseum day

Im pretty much beauty pageant when Im answering job interview questions.

Had a job interview here today. If i dont get the job I’m hoping to volunteer instead

Very thankful that I’ve got 2 months left. I’m almost there.

oh life you’re being so difficult right now. I need to study for finals but I can’t till I’m at ease. I gotta work a way around this. I can and I will overcome and move on. I won’t dwell on my anxieties for the future. I will surrender every burden that is embedded in my heart. I won’t need to worry. 

Interviewer: Why do you need this job?

Me: To ve honest I need this job because I need money to help my family.

UGHHH I was suppose to say that I need experience and would love to meet new people and would like expand my skillz etc…I suck at interviews I always forget my script.

Dept of Water and Power
I’ve missed my babies

I could of been one of those people who got shot at IV in UCSB. I was just there last week with my family. The situation simultaneously disheartening and infuriating.
Like every woman I felt obligated to take a self defense class. The first time I got cat called was when I was 12. (and according to people I’ve met they think I’m 3-5 years younger. Imagine how young I looked at that age) It was the also the first time my parents bought me a pepper spray. In my freshman year of college I was being friendly to this middle aged man at the bus stop and he told me I looked like a woman he knew who openly invited him to her and had sex with him. From that I tried to stop talking to him. To be cordial I said bye but he decided follow me home. That same year I was waiting for the bus infront of my school and a man around my age told me he knew alot about my culture and he asked me for my number. To be cautious and not make the same mistake last time I gave him the disgusted looks and the ‘bitch’ face. But he felt he had the right to kiss me. The list could go on why I need to protect myself anywhere I go. My cousin, my sister, and friends have encountered men who don’t understand rejection. Many of them think will think you’re leading them on/friendzoning them by simply trying to be their friend after their rejected confession. They will resent you for saying no they will backstab you and in this case they will kill you. What I’m trying to say is these situations aren’t unique to any kind of woman. And when I hear my male friends and family try bag on feminists I try to speak up and they just to shoot me down. It’s 2014 and we still live in this vicious cycle