Wannabe Indiana Jones. Other than studying to become a heart throbbing secret agent archaeologist action star, she is also slowly learning how to live life with Christ.

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Thanks for tagging me love cheeseandcoffee

ASMR x skyrim = heaven
Goodbye insomnia

I just realized that Ive wasted so much time being afraid of never being capable for anything. And now I’m taking the first step to my future career. I hope that this will follow through if it doesnt its alright its going to be a great experience.

This library is inspiring
Pastry cliche
Im so bored
Mueseum day

Im pretty much beauty pageant when Im answering job interview questions.

Had a job interview here today. If i dont get the job I’m hoping to volunteer instead

Very thankful that I’ve got 2 months left. I’m almost there.

oh life you’re being so difficult right now. I need to study for finals but I can’t till I’m at ease. I gotta work a way around this. I can and I will overcome and move on. I won’t dwell on my anxieties for the future. I will surrender every burden that is embedded in my heart. I won’t need to worry. 

Interviewer: Why do you need this job?

Me: To ve honest I need this job because I need money to help my family.

UGHHH I was suppose to say that I need experience and would love to meet new people and would like expand my skillz etc…I suck at interviews I always forget my script.

Dept of Water and Power