Wannabe Indiana Jones. Other than studying to become a heart throbbing secret agent archaeologist action star, she is also slowly learning how to live life with Christ.

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This week’s stylist’s picks include Beams Plus Gym Pants, melding traditional tailoring with sportwear. #beamsplus #MHL #nigelcabourn #converse #aw14o

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Things I should do often: check up on old friends and dont over-think that they’ll find me as an inconvenience. I’ve a got an old friend who I rarely text and when we do, we often respond to each other after days, weeks even months ( I guess texting isnt our thing hhaha, I for one am a novice texter)  He called me the other night and we discussed about the good and bad in our lives. And when we bid farewell to eachother, he said I love you, and I ecstatically said the same thing and said goodbye. Its such a nice thing to hear and to know that someone who sincerely cares and is willingly to be my friend and love me. I’m so thankful to have a friend like him.


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